How to protect your account from hacking

23.04.17 00:39 from admin

Dear participants of BTC-e,

The cases of hacking accounts with the use of viruses disguised as trade bots, trading platform, and also subscription for mailout, from which you may catch a virus if you follow a link in it, became more frequent. But we would like to use this situation to remind you once again how you can protect your account against hacking:

1) If you receive an automatic email notifying you of an unsuccessful login attempt to your account, it means that the hacker knows your registered email address and is trying to crack the password. In this case, the best way to protect your account is to enable the 2-Factor Authentication.

However, the hacker still knows your email address. And if they continue cracking the password, the failed login attempt messages will keep coming into your inbox. To avoid this we recommend creating a brand new account and enable 2FA in it. Then you should set it as your BTC-e registered email. Here’s how you can do it:
1. Log in to your account and go to the Security section ( )
2. Enter your new email address and click “Save”
3. A message with a confirmation link will be sent to you old email address. Click this link in it to confirm the changing of your account email.
4. After this, the second message with a confirmation link will be sent to your NEW email. Click it to finalize the changing of your email.
5. Log into your account using the new email.

The whole email changing procedure must be completed using one and the same IP address and browsing session.

If you have not received the confirmation email, check the SPAM/JUNK folder and the SPAM filters of your email account.

According to BTC-e Rules, p.9.7. after changing the email, we will block withdrawals from your account for 48 hours.

2. If you receive an email message notifying you of password change and after that you cannot log into your account, it means that the hacker has the access to your email address. In this case you should immediately notify BTC-e Customer support via a message (select department Account > Account Hacked ) or via Live Chat.

Live Chat currently operates in the test mode.

General recommendations how to increase your account security:
- Use email addresses protected by 2-factor authentication via one-time passwords or SMS text messages.
- Do not use unverified 3rd party software, do not click links sent to you via private messages or the chat, do not use untrustworthy email services with unverified reputation.
- Set 2 strong, unique passwords for your BTC-e account and your email accounts.

Below you can find the details instructions on how to use Google Authenticator.

1. Create a key in the profile->security
2. Scan the QR code using Google Authenticator (or enter a key into another application)
3. Confirm by entering a single-use password

Following these simple steps you can enable a one time password on for logging in to your account, cash withdrawals, or changing your security settings.

Installation of Google Authenticator:

Security section of the Profile:

1. White list of IP addresses

Now you can allow access to your account only from IPs / IP ranges specified by you.
Please note that these settings will be applied after your next login. All previous open sessions will still have access to your account.

2. The list of most recent logins to the account

You can see the list of 30 most recent login attempts to your account on this page.
The following login attempts are considered unsuccessful: wrong password or one-time password, login from the IP not stated in the White list.

3. Open account sessions

On this page you can check open sessions on your account and close them if necessary.

When properly used, these features will improve the security of your account and assets.

Best Regards,
BTC-e Team
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