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26.04.17 00:00 from admin

Dear BTC-e participants,

We have made some changes and improvements to BTC-e. Please, find the detailed information below:

1. Fixed Bugs:
1. We corrected the calculation of “Total sum of account balances:” in FIAT currencies. Now the balances are calculated based on the correct Last Price.

2. New Features
1. txids have been added in the Transaction History for withdrawals via API.
2. A link to the list of Payment Fees (https://btc-e.com/fees ) has been added in the top right-hand side corner of the Funds section https://btc-e.com/profile#funds .
3. A new email account [email protected] has been created. You can send a message to this address and a ticket will be automatically created for you. You will receive an update on the status of your ticket and all replies will be sent to your email address from which you created the ticket.
4. You can now ignore specific users in the Chat. The “Ignore” button and “Ignore list” settings are located in the top right corner of the chat window. The Ignore List works for private messages as well.
5. You can hide the whole chat window using the button in the top right corner of the chat window.
6. We added a Live Chat option on https://support.btc-e1.com/ . The Live Chat operates between 11:00 and 18:00 GMT+3.
7. When selecting a particular pair you will see the information on the current price as well as the text information about this particular pair in the browser tab.
8. In the page header, next to Last Price of the selected currency pair, you can now see the information about price dynamics in % within the last 24 hours.
9. We changed p. 9.4 of the BTC-e rules https://btc-e.com/page/1
as follows: 9.4. Newly registered customers will be able to withdraw after 24 hours since the registration. (Previously they could only withdraw after 3 days).

3. API
1. We added the provision of fxids for withdraw operations.
2. We added a method to request the data on the current state of your active wallets within the account.
3. The depth of market via API has been increased up to 5000 for all pairs.

4. Security
1. After changing or resetting your account password, you will not be able to change account e-mail within 48 hours.
2. The changing of email and password are re-located to the “Security” https://btc-e.com/profile#security/account
section of the web-site (previously they were in the “Edit” section.
3. You can request to block your account for a limited period of time (from 1 up to 30 days).
There are 3 types of block:
3.1. A Block on Withdrawals:
We will completely disable withdrawals from your account (including BTC-e codes and API BTC-e codes). But you will still have the access to currency exchange, bitcoin betting, user chat and private messaging.
3.2. A Block on Currency Exchange and Withdrawals:
We will completely withdrawals from your account (including BTC-e codes and API BTC-e codes), block the access to currency exchange, trading via API and bitcoin betting. But you will still be able to log into your account, use the chat and send personal messages.
3.3. Full Account Block:
We will completely suspend your account. You will not be able to log into your account until the end of the block period.

Please, note that once enabled, we will not be able to cancel these 3 types of block until the end of the period you selected.

Best Regards,
BTC-e Support
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Users in the ignore-list:


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GeorgiaBound39: I moved my funds there when NXT was .08 sold at .18 cents moved it into LTC and as of now it missing. Not kidding . Personal Experience

CoinEX: people have been talking to me about what has happened to them.

britpickers: MCX now another thief in the night

kalel: bitcrash200, yes

partialalbanian: Grow weed - mine LTC. Be happy.

rainbowrider: do you remember mintpalm?

sukovsky: Nuff dampening

CoinEX: About account balances getting converted to other coins and then transfered out without there being any email dispatched for email withdrawl verification

btceadamuk: i got gox'd by pretty much everyone at one time or another, i swear they had me on a suckers list

N16: They have 1.8 eth dao tokens w/e of my friend's that are unable to be converted and withdrawn. 4 weeks since putting in a ticket and nothing from support lol

BigThangz: partialalbanian, that works great til yur makes it legal and u cant gove it away lol

CoinEX: So 2FA will NOT help you in securing your account

BigThangz: yur state......

CoinEX: AGAIN< if you have money is POLO, pull it the fook out now

TomBach: now bull trap and then again dump!

CoinEX: You are going to lose it if you keep it there

bitcrash200: TomBach, OK!!

N16: TomBach, bull!

prosperoo: CoinEX, its not so easy they max u at 2k/day

peercoinx: TomBach, $$$$ Bulls

britpickers: MCX-now Exchange took all coins and ran far to Australia

peye314: CoinEX, same thing happened to dreamtrove over there

partialalbanian: BigThangz, huh??

rainbowrider: I'm staying in fiat till monday, better "safe" then "sorry"

N16: rainbowrider, ill check the obituaries

TomBach: rainbowrider, good choice

partialalbanian: Weed is legal where I live lol

BigThangz: partialalbanian, u said grow weed mine ltc behappy

TheDarkwolf: peercoinx, why do I have an inclination of selling my ppc for nmc?

N16: TheDarkwolf, you know nmc is a better coin deep down inside

peercoinx: Sell it all.

CoinEX: @ prosperoo the accounts are drained except a few micro coins

BigThangz: partialalbanian, my state legal also and its been down hill since lol

diegovelasques: Nvc is the strongest @ the moment

drkmstx: TheDarkwolf, it's what all the smart people do

kalel: diegovelasques, agreed

N16: nvc is the btce casino coin

CoinEX: prosperoo, the limit of the withdrawl is not abided by

TheDarkwolf: N16, lol

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