СloudFlare parser bug

25.02.17 08:36 from admin

Dear participants of the BTC-e project!

On February 23, 2017 Cloudflare officially reported a security problem that caused leakage of sensitive data into html. Cloudflare claims that the risk of data leakage is 1 in 3 300 000 requests (or only 0.00003%).

To prevent unauthorized use of leaked data, we worked out a series of measures and recommendations for our customers:

1) You should change your account password before 20:00 (GMT +3) on 26.02.2017. If you fail to do so, your password will be reset automatically.
If you enabled 2-factor authentication between the 12th and the 20th February 2017, we strongly recommend you disable and re-enable it again.

2) You should re-create your API keys (info, trade, btc-e code withdraw & coupon) before 20:00 (GMT +3) on 26.02.2017.
If you fail to do so, all your keys will be blocked automatically.

3) Cloudflare explicitly mentions that SSL certificates were not leaked. However, we will change SSL certificates for btc-e.com and btc-e.nz within the next several days to provide additional security.

For more information about the issue, see Cloudflare’s official blog posting at https://blog.cloudflare.com/incident-report-on-memory-leak-caused-by-cloudflare-parser-bug/

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Users in the ignore-list:


CoinEX: Some of the account don't even log any withdrawl but the interface shows almost no balance.

kalel: N16, yeah it's set on jackpot the last few days though

ramicapo: last chance to buy nmc below 3.3

TheDarkwolf: peercoinx, bro lets not hasten

Deepman123: nmc is pumping

CoinEX: Email 2FA does not protect them because it looks like it is done internally

bitcrash200: Weed not fun when legalized it

Altcoinsforme: Sell me some nmc

peercoinx: TheDarkwolf, the sky is falling.

CoinEX: My best guess is someone hacked the automation or the DB with the wallet keys

prosperoo: CoinEX, i been cashing out for awhile have honestly not have any issues if i stay under 2k/day

peye314: CoinEX, they are being pulled from the hot wallet or something.... It doesn't even show an outgoing TX in the account, just come back tomorrow and your balance is gone

CoinEX: (mostly likely the automation side is the hacked side)

TheDarkwolf: peercoinx, it might be a dream bro, lets see if we wake up

vladishaulov: The smart buying option now is NVC for long time.

scatha: bitcrash200, yes cryptsy has been pretty goxxic.

TheDarkwolf: vladishaulov, why long time?

prosperoo: The cryptsy was bad

Altcoinsforme: vladishaulov, LOL

Deepman123: vladishaulov, how long time your mean?

scatha: partialalbanian, "In my universe, everything is legal" . C.R.

partialalbanian: I am very happy with my legal weed lol. Don't know what your guys' problem is.

bitcrash200: scatha, Nice looks like I'm certified cryptologist trader now

partialalbanian: scatha, I like that:)

CoinEX: It's costs almost nothing to pull your money out of POLO and keep it on hand. If this blows over you get to keep your coins

prosperoo: I still have nightmares of how much my crypsty shit be worth today

TheDarkwolf: scatha, fun fact: it is not his universe he is but one of all billion creations in it

CoinEX: If you want to risk it, then it is on you, if you lose it just like everyone else

Deathfromabove: Woah, what's been hacked?

bitcrash200: permp now!!!'

rainbowrider: if any larger cryptostock will blow up, it will affect price of all coins


SilverBullet: NMC recovering, soon we will se 4 usd, then some hard fight untill it reaches 5 usd. Full FOMO buys at 5 usd straight up to 7 usd

peye314: Deathfromabove, teh intarwebz

leegor39: bounce volume in China really sucking

CoinEX: They killed their trollbox to hide the extent of them losing their coins

ezrapound: SilverBullet, gonna help make it happen?

bitcrash200: LBC going to kill youtube. muilti muilti billions soon to come

btcPoland: Back up Nmc moon, fegs just need to take those sell orders away

georgiylitvinov1: bitcrash200, what is lbc?

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