СloudFlare parser bug

25.02.17 08:36 from admin

Dear participants of the BTC-e project!

On February 23, 2017 Cloudflare officially reported a security problem that caused leakage of sensitive data into html. Cloudflare claims that the risk of data leakage is 1 in 3 300 000 requests (or only 0.00003%).

To prevent unauthorized use of leaked data, we worked out a series of measures and recommendations for our customers:

1) You should change your account password before 20:00 (GMT +3) on 26.02.2017. If you fail to do so, your password will be reset automatically.
If you enabled 2-factor authentication between the 12th and the 20th February 2017, we strongly recommend you disable and re-enable it again.

2) You should re-create your API keys (info, trade, btc-e code withdraw & coupon) before 20:00 (GMT +3) on 26.02.2017.
If you fail to do so, all your keys will be blocked automatically.

3) Cloudflare explicitly mentions that SSL certificates were not leaked. However, we will change SSL certificates for btc-e.com and btc-e.nz within the next several days to provide additional security.

For more information about the issue, see Cloudflare’s official blog posting at https://blog.cloudflare.com/incident-report-on-memory-leak-caused-by-cloudflare-parser-bug/

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pegglemaster: daytalus, rubbish

jetselluk: ltc up up up up

daytalus: kneedrag Does it really? because 80%+ of the hashing power is concentrated in one country now, which could seize it at any moment... 1 single company controls more than 50% of it, and it would take you a month to download the blockchain.

jbartlett92: Faceclot you can still get in and not be screwed. This is pretty cheap compared to my thoughts on where it goes over next day or two.

Sasnakra: LTC train will loose no momentum till $20

bigtony1: ltc moon

Audis3glory00: ltc green dildo

youshouldknow: i felt like gambling earlier, like a fool I sold 100 ltc at .0116 and had to rebuy at .0118 :(

pegglemaster: kingltc, ~15.40

bathayi: buy ltc go go

bigtony1: youshouldknow, vegas baby

faceclot: jbartlett92, you think so, but now im angry at not buying at 14 hahaha.

jbartlett92: youshouldknow, owning crypto is a gamble.... no need to play card games with it.

jetselluk: ltc is on fire

pegglemaster: kingltc not on this exchange so

bigtony1: i tell you all ltc to 50

ama: Sell low, buy high, youshouldknow, that's the way!

kneedrag: daytalus, ok hold on let me sell mine real quick thanks :)

Sasnakra: Your kids won't have to use that college fund if you buy LTC now

faceclot: i didnt buy cause my BTC was doing good, and my projection was u know... just a projection.

daytalus: kneedrag lol

jbartlett92: faceclot, I do bro.

boozi: Ether 66 and LTC 15.5? make that 18 at least

bigtony1: guys look at crypto market cap ... ltc going up 8x then ltc = eth market cap.... umm no brainer... thats 120/ltc easy

ter800tlg: Ltc big order gone

kneedrag: daytalus, i actually dont have any, i forgot so im safe :)

youshouldknow: thanks folks

ter800tlg: Ltc buyer chikun out

ama: 18ETH=1ETC, you mean, boozi, right?

jetselluk: ter800tlg, what was the big order?

pegglemaster: swapping ETH for ETC is a freaking no brainer.

ter800tlg: 200+k

daytalus: kneedrag peercoin the ideal design for a store of value settlement layer.

jbartlett92: pegglemaster, agree with you there.

youshouldknow: faceclot,your name makes me feel uneasy, I have wanted to tell you that for some time now.

pegglemaster: +1

boozi: ama, lol yeah, since we're trolling why not... but honestly $18 LTC is the bottom

ama: 18ETH=1LTC, you mean, boozi, right?

AquaCoin: swapping mETH for PPC/NMC is a major no brainier lol

kneedrag: daytalus, im not good at cryptos and taht stuff but if you could talk about tin foil hats and conspiracies i would be better able to answer probably

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