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Update: Security

02.10.16 08:54 from admin

Please, be aware of the latest important changes in our security policies:

1. Security:

Due to the increased cases of account hacking we decided to implement some changes related to the use of passwords:

1.1. Starting from September 30, 2016 all BTC-e accounts will undergo the password changing procedure.
- On your first login to account you will see a notification that your password has expired. You will be asked to reset your password. A message with a confirmation link will be sent to your e-mail. You must click this link in order to receive a new password. Make sure you save your new password in a secure location, otherwise you will have to recover the password again.
- After the first password reset your account will not be blocked. But if you reset your password for the 2nd time and further your account will be blocked for 48 hours (the standard blocking according to BTC-e rules).
1.2. Changing the password from within your BTC-e account:
- If you are already logged in to your account and you remember your current password, you can change it via the Edit section of your BTC-e profile. Go to and click Reset Password. A message with a confirmation link will be sent to your e-mail. You must click this link to get a new password. Make sure you save your new password in a secure location.
1.3. Password Expiration:
You will need to reset your password every 6 months. After this procedure your account will not be blocked.
1.4. We added an automatic e-mail notification to inform you of failed login attempts to your account.
1.5. The option of using an own password is added.
To change the password you need to go to the "Edit" section and press the “Own password” button. The following message will be displayed: “Further instructions were sent to your email address”. You will need to click the link in the email and enter your old and new password.
The requirements for a new password are as follows:
minimum length: 12 characters;
at least one uppercase letter;
at least one lower case letter;
at least one number.
Make sure to save the new password.

2. BTC-e code:

The following terms and conditions take effect as of September 30th 2016.

2.1. When creating a BTC-e code you can specify the username of the BTC-e customer, who can redeem this code.
If the username is correct, the code can only be redeemed by this specific user (or the user who created the code).
If the specified username is invalid (spelling error or the username does not exist within BTC-e), the code can only be redeemed by the user who created the code.
If the Username field is left blank, then the code can be redeemed by any BTC-e user who receives it (as well as by the user who created the code).

2.2. Expiration of BTC-e codes:
- BTC-e codes will be active for 120 days since creation.
If no one redeems a code within 120 days, the code will become inactive. An inactive code can only be redeemed by the user who created it.
For BTC-e codes created after January 1, 2016 the 120 days of lifetime will be counted starting from September 30th 2016.

Best Regards,
BTC-e Support
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