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We're celebrating our 5th anniversary!

06.08.16 09:25 from admin

Dear BTC-e Customers!

We’re happy to announce that BTC-e exchange is celebrating its 5th anniversary. Congratulations from BTC-e Team!

To celebrate, we’ll reduce the trading fees for all pairs to 0% on Aug. 7th 2016 from 00:00 till Aug. 31th 2016 23:59.

P.S. Trading fees for all pairs will last until 23:59 - 2 September 2016.

Best Regards,
BTC-e Team
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z1ka: everything is low

Spiff637: I've had a s4 and rs6.. fantastic performing cars.. budget killers though on gas and maintenance

RapidViper: Spiff637, Audi are too heavy

Alosqualo: Then drive a Skoda or a the same like Audi...but costs the half! ;D

Spiff637: RapidViper: Ehh.. my rs6 was 4k pounds but was 550 hp/500 Tourqe

Spiff637: Weight wasn't an issue :-D

canard37: anyone looking at PIVX ?

SelinaWebber: Cars are mostly bad investment

Alosqualo: is that a new pope?

canard37: Dash PoS

canard37: just dumped

vecchio10: after the hardfork, old btc price could rally...

vecchio10: just my though. all bad new already priced in

z1ka: tonight we'll see some serious action, 42 all day cant stay

vecchio10: i would not expect a great depression just because everyone is predicting it

Arjunking: does anyone have an idea why btc is at premium at btce?

ltupetras: z1ka, DOWN is my guess... =]

vecchio10: we already come down down 25% and maybe we just will rally to 2000?

nuscient: i wonder if ETH will tank when unlimited fails

imatrix: why ETC and DASH are so stable today? i need to make some money :-)

imatrix: *ETH

irtzashahanpk: z1ka, is it going to 38 ?

vera2016: Arjunking, sure i have , but i am not sharing

z1ka: really cant tell, it can go either way

z1ka: ill buy some just to be safe, and if it drops ill buy even more

nuscient: Arjunking, btc-e premium started about march 15 same time us stocks started under performing china

namcambtc: eth sell 3...2...1...

djwatt3: Ark and PIVX new best coin... buy them have low price now

Icky2ks: will someone take away these guys crayons, they are just drawing all over the place

nuscient: debt ceiling and rented hash rate for BTU happened about then

antonrez: why eth act like ltc today?

djwatt3: ARK and PIVX new cryptocoin

Fodil: ETH has been acting like LTC for about 3 days

spbtctrade: Hello Fegs and ladyghey

djwatt3: PIVX on LiteBit

z1ka: its common behaviour of any coin which went this high

Fodil: Here we go again ETH 40 on polo

nuscient: long story short the markets all appeared to change about march 15

z1ka: nop, 13th of march all started to pump heavily

Fodil: eth 41!

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