We're celebrating our 5th anniversary!

06.08.16 09:25 from admin

Dear BTC-e Customers!

We’re happy to announce that BTC-e exchange is celebrating its 5th anniversary. Congratulations from BTC-e Team!

To celebrate, we’ll reduce the trading fees for all pairs to 0% on Aug. 7th 2016 from 00:00 till Aug. 31th 2016 23:59.

P.S. Trading fees for all pairs will last until 23:59 - 2 September 2016.

Best Regards,
BTC-e Team
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jetselluk: ltc to 16 tonight

daytalus: bitcoin dominance index is down to 60%, the maximalists must be starting to sweat

jetselluk: wow ltc nice pump

trade365uk: Just download Blockpolio guys. set alarms for when it reaches certain prices. if ltc reaches 16.5, wakes me up. if ltc reaches below 14. wakes me up

jbartlett92: trade365uk, exactly what I do; but I gotta admit watching and cheerleading charts can be kinda fun lol. Plus trollbox is great.

trade365uk: blockfolio, shows the current btce prices too

jetselluk: 15.50 come onnnn

trade365uk: jbartlett92, really is. but when u sleeping. or just out. You need to have this app. can be a deal saver

jbartlett92: trade365uk, agreed man. Early on during my crypto experience i had a few nights where I was like.. how the fuck do I have to go to work rn? I didn't sleep lol

trade365uk: if u didnt know blockpolio and i just taught u it that app. u owe me 1btc

Abar8520: Fk 15.50 hit 25 already next week will be an excoting week to own ltc

Audis3glory00: don t sell ltc

youshouldknow: nice to see a lot of new faces here, welcome to the party!

Digytal: trade365uk, both are good scenarios. It's gonna keep on going up overall. Not as fast as some of you may think, though

trade365uk: jbartlett92, luckily found it on day 1. still find it hard to sleep sometimes if not in btc/fiat

KINGLTC: hahahahahahhahah!!!

atlantafreak: ltc 1550

Abar8520: Wall down pump mode engaged

KINGLTC: who wants some at 15.5? sorrrrrrry all gone.

jsierrac: ltc 50

youshouldknow: KINGLTC, looks like your wife isn't gunna hafta leave you after all, congrats on that

jbartlett92: feel you bro.

KINGLTC: youshouldknow, we are talking about having another child now and calling it "coblee"

youshouldknow: numbers cannot describe how high the chikun will rise

Ohio2016: Big boy is here

trade365uk: Digytal, yeah. suprised ltc is waking up this early. thought it would be sideways for atleast a few days

jbartlett92: Nope but this can.. mewn.

KINGLTC: come on, dump ltc. its going to $12 anyway right!? lol

Abar8520: Hopefully it just gets as big as btc

jetselluk: wow ltc pumping

daytalus: I just can't read this market... if it was just bubble mania, I could understand that, but ... it's like, high stress, high drama every week, steady climbing price... doesn't make any sense.

trade365uk: that 230k buy order <3

youshouldknow: KINGLTC, noice, I hope I am in the running for middle name

Abar8520: Ready for a retarded green candle

kneedrag: this is the transition where btc becomes a store of value and ltc becomes a unit of transacting

stromalber: go go go Ltc

peye314: this looks solid, nobody has dumped on that 15.50 support

jbartlett92: lol abar..

KINGLTC: 15,000 ltc for sale at 15.5. cmon you bears. dump it down!

hajibros: buy nmc now

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