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We're celebrating our 5th anniversary!

06.08.16 09:25 from admin

Dear BTC-e Customers!

We’re happy to announce that BTC-e exchange is celebrating its 5th anniversary. Congratulations from BTC-e Team!

To celebrate, we’ll reduce the trading fees for all pairs to 0% on Aug. 7th 2016 from 00:00 till Aug. 31th 2016 23:59.

P.S. Trading fees for all pairs will last until 23:59 - 2 September 2016.

Best Regards,
BTC-e Team
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hajibros: 2nd Crypto Currency Eth and 4rth Dash

dermaink: Trump saved the world >

Ashraf123: hi haji

nicebargain: Eth is trying to compete with dsh

DeShoe: Let it race then

Ashraf123: ya dash and eth rise on etf news

monkeymaker: Eth Etf == eth ---> $100

monkeymaker: Helicopter cash drop for eth enthusiasts

monkeymaker: I don't have a problem with DSH. I just sont understand it

monkeymaker: maybe I could learn to love it

maldroit: witless banter is about right

monkeymaker: Witless Banter?

maldroit: dermaink's post

maldroit: Trump saves the world

rj4321: crash

rj4321: finex doooown

rj4321: still going....

rj4321: 200+grand....

ter800tlg: quick profit taking..meh

z1ka: just a minor dip

ter800tlg: buy

mallegold: Oh no

ter800tlg: gone in 3..2..1..

mallegold: Back to floor

ter800tlg: fire sale gone...

rj4321: lol

monkeymaker: maldroit, lol

_SnIpEr_: small dump

_SnIpEr_: I'm waiting more to I can buy again

dlove: dsh dumping

dlove: better move

z1ka: nah, waiting to buy more

DeShoe: oversold

z1ka: we are still 2 weeks to etf, everything will rise

atlantafreak: its been at a pretty fast rise akready loll

drchzbrgrgr: DASH is srsly kinda dumb. ETH is where its at

emirc: omg MUUN!

DeShoe: oh shit oh shit cancel sell

BTC237: what date is the ETF decision?

tabnk: Brought LTC at $3.73. Selling at $3.8. Easy profit :)

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