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Arnirockar: When will people be tired of bitcoin and ltc will pump?

cashinghard: Arnirockar, ltc is a dump coin

rj4321: ltc volume is higher than usual, just be happy about that, lol

Arnirockar: cashinghard, well i've been quite successfull with it past months

rj4321: what you worried about then(while btc has been rocketing....)

Arnirockar: No reason to move to something else. But i don't like how stable it is

Arnirockar: I've mostly been on the ltc/btc market tho

hajibros: buy lol don't sell here

rj4321: the problem is your asking about ltc, while btc is hitting new highs. Should find out why....

Arnirockar: well this is the trollbox. am just doing the opposite

rj4321: gluck with that, that ltc/btc ratio only getting worse...

hajibros: ok what u sold u can't buy back

Arnirockar: i've got patience ;)

rj4321: youll need more than that

Arnirockar: we'll see :))

hajibros: i have got 888 at finex and 888 almost at stamp too :D china to dump and we have to pump

rj4321: were seeing right now...like i dont know ltc, lol

monkeymaker: I Am Very Happy With this So-Called "Bit-Coin"

rj4321: lol

rj4321: just making monkeys

monkeymaker: +1

hajibros: 1068 3 days Targt

rj4321: bit low, but thats cool

rj4321: new ath within 72hrs

hajibros: wall gotta disappear soon :D do buy fast

rj4321: a wall? where? lol

rj4321: jp

hajibros: thx china now we up china dipping

rj4321: still low volume

hajibros: fegs selling point lol and Buyer are good Investor though

Gurke: PPC down ?

hajibros: 890 sooon on both finex and stamp brb

JoseVV: 7000 7000 SOON 7000 7000

hajibros: lol he is in fiat :p

hajibros: up

vladgalusca: UP goo 1100

hajibros: up

hajibros: 885

hajibros: this time selling is bad for u sp :D

hajibros: coin swinging up here

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