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bathayi: ducthan00, Minutes later === remove the wall

Wintermancer: Back later folks! Have a good one.

AquaCoin: Damn Fiat 0

adapter: jbartlett92, no prob

jbartlett92: kneedrag, I haven't used mine yet. Do you know if you have cash sitting in coinbase it pulls from there first?

KINGLTC: once it goes past 15.5 we will see a surge of new buyers who were waiting for confirmation

atlantafreak: wednesday is when shit will go wild i believe

kneedrag: jbartlett92, i really dont know. i only keep a tiny bit on it and just transfer some there before i plan on using it.

Digytal: Waiting for the correction to go sleep on ltc, as usual

jbartlett92: kneedrag, I'll have to test :)

kneedrag: but they send a text message to my phone within like 5ms of a cahrge happening on it, which is kind of nice

Sasnakra: Everyone flock to LTC

KINGLTC: people waiting for correction to sleep aren't going to be sleeping for 48 hours

jbartlett92: 15.50 wall just dissapeared on GDAX. Was deff artificial suppression.

jbartlett92: so 16 GDAX incoming anyways.

Abar8520: Correction happened

KINGLTC: jbarlett92, lol of course it is. 15.5 is just where the real pump starts. thats the fake resistance that is made to get people to wait

jbartlett92: sorry add a dollar to both those.

jetselluk: ltc to 16 tonight

daytalus: bitcoin dominance index is down to 60%, the maximalists must be starting to sweat

jetselluk: wow ltc nice pump

trade365uk: Just download Blockpolio guys. set alarms for when it reaches certain prices. if ltc reaches 16.5, wakes me up. if ltc reaches below 14. wakes me up

jbartlett92: trade365uk, exactly what I do; but I gotta admit watching and cheerleading charts can be kinda fun lol. Plus trollbox is great.

trade365uk: blockfolio, shows the current btce prices too

jetselluk: 15.50 come onnnn

trade365uk: jbartlett92, really is. but when u sleeping. or just out. You need to have this app. can be a deal saver

jbartlett92: trade365uk, agreed man. Early on during my crypto experience i had a few nights where I was like.. how the fuck do I have to go to work rn? I didn't sleep lol

trade365uk: if u didnt know blockpolio and i just taught u it that app. u owe me 1btc

Abar8520: Fk 15.50 hit 25 already next week will be an excoting week to own ltc

Audis3glory00: don t sell ltc

youshouldknow: nice to see a lot of new faces here, welcome to the party!

Digytal: trade365uk, both are good scenarios. It's gonna keep on going up overall. Not as fast as some of you may think, though

trade365uk: jbartlett92, luckily found it on day 1. still find it hard to sleep sometimes if not in btc/fiat

KINGLTC: hahahahahahhahah!!!

atlantafreak: ltc 1550

Abar8520: Wall down pump mode engaged

KINGLTC: who wants some at 15.5? sorrrrrrry all gone.

jsierrac: ltc 50

youshouldknow: KINGLTC, looks like your wife isn't gunna hafta leave you after all, congrats on that

jbartlett92: feel you bro.

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